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Graduate School Highlights

In pursuit of academic excellence and quest for quality, SJCQC takes pride of the following unprecedented features in its history:

• highly esteemed faculty, most of whom have been considered icons in education with far and wide experiences both in the local and international arenas-experts in their own field

• SJCQC is internationally recognized as degree granting institution of higher education both in tertiary and graduate school levels listed in the International Handbook of Universities, 12th Edition, published by the International Association of Universities (1991).

• SJCQC college and graduate school programs are generally accepted by accredited institutions of higher education in the United States.

• SJCQC Graduate School has an internationally comparable curriculum in Special Education as evidenced by its Certification of Educational Equivalency made by the World Education Services (WES).

• formation of highly competent and fully equipped graduates exhibiting the expected workforce characteristics such as knowledge, skills, technology and values as evidenced by their employment in the Asia-Pacific rim, Guam and Singapore; New York, Maryland, Virginia, Los Angeles, North Carolina, Texas, Canada, Boston, London, Louisiana, Turkey, Australia, New Zealand, and Dubai.

Goal and Objectives


Fundamental to the SJCQC Graduate School is to provide professional service in the school community of St. Joseph’s College and the community at large in line with the institution’s vision and mission which calls for greater participation, collaboration and partnership of school administrators, faculty, students and other stakeholders. 


• Develop professionals who are competent in their fields of specialization, critical of the issues that affect their lives and that of others and become judicious in making decisions.

• Develop skills in critical thinking and necessary research orientation that is interdisciplinary in nature for expansion of knowledge and improvement in the quality of life of the community.

• Develop professionals who are attuned to the signs of the times and who are determined to participate in the liberation efforts of the institution as it seeks to help the marginalized sectors of society.

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