Purposes and Objectives

The Basic Education Department is an integral part of the larger community of St. Joseph’s College, a Catholic institution of learning dedicated to serve the Church and society as it seeks to pursue the goals of academic freedom and excellence and, within the limits of its resources, provide relevant response to the needs of the people, with preferential option for the poor, marginalized, oppressed and exploited. It is within this framework that the department espouses the following aims:

1. To imbibe among members of the community, gospel values facilitative of the evangelization and liberation of people through an understanding of scriptures and church documents in their historical and present context.

2. To develop the moral intellectual, social and emotional faculties of learners via a balanced, integrated and dynamic curriculum of studies.

3. To actively involve one and all in the building of God’s kingdom after the example of St. Francis of Assisi through participation in the life of the church and society, advocating the cause of righteousness and truth; and

4. To develop the art of creative and critical thinking and responsible leadership by motivating learners to study and adjust to their concrete daily life experiences, thereby contributing to the betterment of society of which they are members and in whose concerns and responsibilities they must share.

These manifold aims are ultimately focused on the formation at this particular level of a total person nurtured by faith in God, grounded in the Christian values, conscious of one’s capabilities and potentials and, finally, aware of and moved by one’s responsibilities to fellow humans in the community, the nation and the world at large.

Academic Programs

The Kinder-Grade School offers a six-year academic program that aims to develop young learners to become well-rounded individuals. The different subject areas and co-curricular clubs integrate the core values of simplicity, truth, justice, peace, and integrity of creation through relevant and meaningful student-centered activities.

The subject offerings include Christian Formation, Filipino, Mother Tongue, Reading, Language, Araling Panlipunan, Mathematics, Science, Music, Arts, Physical Education, Home Economics and Livelihood Education, and Communications and Information Technology. These programs provide varied opportunities geared towards the fulfillment of the school’s vision and mission – academic excellence for social transformation.

Special academic programs are also provided to address the different needs of pupils. These include the tutorial and remedial programs for learners with academic difficulties, and the individualized bilingual instructional program (IBIP) for foreign pupils with limited language (Filipino or English) proficiency skills. A Home Study Program is also designed for pupils who cannot attend regular classes.

Student Services

The Kinder-Grade School provides programs and services relevant and responsive to the changing needs of the SJCQC pupils and growing demands of the society. These include the following:


Guidance and Counseling Services:

The Guidance Office assists pupils in improving their social and personal relationships and academic performance through testing, individual and group counseling, consultation with parents and teachers, and holding special forums.


Library Services:

The KGS Library lends books to pupils, guides them on the use of the library and different information sources, and provides them with spaces conducive to reading and studying.


Health Services:

The School Clinic conducts annual medical and dental check-up, maintains cumulative and updated health records, and attends to immediate health needs of pupils.


Food and Nutrition Services:

The School Canteen provides nutritious, well-balanced, and adequate food for pupils at very affordable prices.


Transportation Services:

Adequate transportation services are available for pupils.


Safety and Security Services:

Adequate and efficient security personnel are posted in different locations to ensure the safety of pupils. CCTV cameras are also installed in strategic places inside the campus as an additional security measure.

Student Activity Programs

The BED Student Activity program aims to enhance the students’ educational experience through a wide variety of activities in a caring and nurturing environment. The Student Activity Program includes the following:


To further hone your skills and talents, you are encouraged to join the varsity teams (volleyball, basketball, badminton, table tennis, and chess), write for the official publication, or become a member of the choirs Boys Choir/Glee Club). you may also attend the class in martial arts (taekwondo) and music (piano) after class hours.


The Spiritual Formation Program provides opportunities for you to develop Christian values and practice your Catholic faith. The different spiritual activities include daily recitation of the Holy Rosary, visits to the Blessed Sacrament in the prayer room, monthly masses, first confession and first communion (for Grade III students), recollections, retreats, and confirmation.


Several clubs are clustered into socio-civic and religious clubs, performing arts clubs, special interest clubs, and sports clubs. Club moderators facilitate the different club activities

Socio-Civic and Religious Clubs

Performing Arts Clubs 1. Dance Club 2. Josephine Movers 3. Glee Club

Sports Club1. Fun and Games Club2. Badminton Club / Smashers’ Club3. Basketball Club

Special Interest Clubs

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