Student Activity Programs

The BEd Student Activity program aims to enhance the students’ educational experience through a wide variety of activities in a caring and nurturing environment.

The Student Activity Program includes the following:

Homeroom Program

The Homeroom Program provides activities for the social and emotional well-being of the BEd student. Homeroom modules are designed to develop effective study habits, leadership skills, and good manners and right conduct. A homeroom adviser facilitates the implementation of the activities in the modules.

Spiritual Formation Program

The Spiritual Formation Program provides opportunities for students to develop Christian values and practice their Catholic faith. The different spiritual activities include daily recitation of the Holy Rosary, visits to the Blessed Sacrament in the prayer room, monthly masses, first confession and first communion (for Grade III students), recollections (for Grade V-VI) and confirmation (for Grade VI students).

Co-Curricular Clubs

Students are free to choose from among more than 20 clubs that are clustered into academic clubs, socio-civic and religious clubs, performing arts clubs, special interest clubs, and sports clubs. Club moderators are chosen to facilitate the different club activities.

Extra-Curricular Activities

To further hone the students’ skills and talents, they are encouraged to join the varsity teams (volleyball, basketball, and badminton), write for the official publication (BEd Online News), or become a member of the choirs (Boys Choir/HImig San Jose). Lessons in martial arts (taekwondo) and music (piano) are also held after class hours for interested students.

Student Council

The Student Council (SC) is composed of elected officers from the different class and club organizations. The officers assist  student activities in maintaining student order and discipline, and in the implementation of projects for the welfare of the students.

Field Trips

To enhance classroom learning, students are afforded first hand experiences during educational field trips in well-chosen places.

Kapatiran Program
The Kapatiran Program aims to develop among the students a faith lived in action through interactions with their peers, with their Big Brothers/Big Sisters-Little Brothers/Little Sisters, and with the other members of the society, e.g. public schoolchildren, streetchildren, and children in conflict with the law.