Facilities    Online Registration





• Baptismal Certificate (photocopy)

• PSA validated Birth Certificate (photocopy) *Bring original for verification purposes

• Three identical 1×1 ID pictures

• Certified true copy of the Report Card signed by the Principal or Adviser

• Certificate of Good Moral Character or Letter of Recommendation from the Principal or Guidance Counselor of the last school               attended

• The applicant’s average should be at least 80% and with no failing grade in any subject.

• Testing Fee 



• Grade 1 – should be six (6) years old by June and not later than October

• Kinder – five (5) years old

• Pre-Kinder – four (4) years old. 


Additional Requirements (for Foreign Students only):

• Special Study Permit (SSP) from the Bureau of Immigration

• Order of Recognition as Filipino (for those with dual citizenship)

• Authenticated scholastic records by the Office of the Philippine Embassy / Office of the Consular Official in the country which has        jurisdiction over the issuing school, English translation of the entries particularly, the name of student, subjects, grades and grade      level. 



• Original Report Card

• Three 1×1 ID pictures 





A. Secure Application Form from the Records and Admissions Office (RAO) which is located at the 2nd Floor of the Schutten Building.

B. Submit the accomplished form with complete requirements to the RAO.

C. (Grade 6 & 4th Year Transferees / Foreign Students) See the Principal for preliminary interview.

D. Pay testing fee to the Cashier’s Office.

E. Get test permit from the RAO.

F. Present test permit to the Guidance Office, take the entrance test, and wait for test results.

G. For regular students who passed the entrance test, see the Subject Area Grade Level Coordinators, and for students with special cases, see the Officer of Student Discipline and Welfare (OSDW) for final interview and approval of admission.

H. For those with conditional entrance test results, see the Special Academic Services Coordinator.

I. Present interview and approval forms to the RAO.

J. Pay tuition fees ( and Special Academic Services for those enrolled in the program) to the Cashier’s Office.



A. Secure Registration Form from the Records and Admissions Office (RAO).

B. Submit the accomplished Registration Form, original card, and three 1×1 pictures to the RAO.

C. Proceed to the Cashier’s Office for assessment and payment of fees.

D. Leave the Registration Form to the Cashier after payment.